I met a God

I met a God, his name was… well it does not matter what his name was, I called him Zeus just like the Greek God. Our time together was brief, was deep and it was octopus, three old fashioned and two bottles of sparkling water in between with laughs, confessions, kisses on my eyes and tears that he swallowed.

Zeus wore glasses and he looked so handsome; even though he refused to wear them all the time, his nose was big and strong, a nose just perfect for a God´s face, I could not resist touching his face with the tip of my fingers looking at his hazel and almost blinded eyes, then I allowed him to touch my hair, yes Gods need permission to touch too, he played with it looking at my face saying with his God´s voice “Such a beautiful face to look at, ” then he kissed my forehead and just right that moment I took my heart out of my chest as an offering to him. He looked at it moving his head and said “No, I do not deserve it.” I could not understand “But you´re a God,” I replied “No,” he said again. And there I was under the darkness of a cold night in a grey dress with my shoulders uncovered and my heart beating in my hands “I wanted you to be my God,” I whispered with tears in my eyes. “Do not get involved with Gods like me, kid, your heart is precious for a God like me. I´ll destroy it,” he said. “At least explain why you are rejecting it,” I asked, but he remained in silence. Shivering I put my heart back in its place and closed my chest. Zeus held my hand just like when we walked in the park, and my heart pounded again.

This Zeus used to be a God that extinguished fires in some other time, when he was afraid to cut the string that was pulling him back, yes, Gods fear too. He showed me his scar.

“Zeus, I am scared too” I said pointing my own string out.

“Don´t be, baby” he said swallowing my tears.

We got in a cab to his place and I undressed my body and shared it with him. It was lust, it was desire, it was the first time I was with a God, a God I chose to be with.

Zeus was the first God I met, a God I chose. I met a God, I kissed him, I fucked him with my heart right in its place.

Next day with daylight I could see his scar again, I caressed it and kissed it. He called an Uber for me and I left his place with my hair dripping. On the street with all those worldly morning sounds of his kingdom, I hugged myself. The Uber came and before I got in, I looked up at his window and I pulled my string out.

After all Zeus did not reject me nor my heart. Zeus is a God and Gods mean to save and he just did. He saved me.

Δίας, ευχαριστώ για πάντα

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